Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-election politics, part II of several: Isn't this a bit premature?

I can't believe this.

Maybe I should have foreseen massive resistance to the election of the first black President in history, but I never thought people would be advocating impeachment before he's even taken office.

Two things about this bother me more than anything else: 
1) Impeachment is a serious thing.  It should not be thrown about or used to enforce "family values," lest it degenerate into something that the Congress is loathe to touch when it is actually needed.  I don't think we would be seeing this had McCain been elected.  Yes, we would see protest and anger, but not calls for legal impeachment.
2) This man is our President-Elect in a time that is perhaps the darkest in America's history since WWII or the Great Depression.  Obama hasn't even had a chance to do anything yet, and I think that when he is tested, he will show the world that he is the President that America needs.


Kelsey Atherton said...

There's a clear split in the nation about how much respect a sitting president deserves. The left, and especially the young on the left, who were alienated by the Bush years became famous for decrying Bush as "not their president". This transformed into a partisan slogan, and undermines the revolution of 1800. It's a shitty situation, and while I think that Bush deserved impeachment, there are a lot of people who were hurt by the left's refusal to acknowledge their national leader.

some will be petty and repay in kind

FarmerGiles said...

Ah ha! You have it right there matey. They do like to try and get their own back. They also like to make money. Which is why they peddle T-shirts rather than ideas.